Is travelling, camping, or hiking the next thing that you wish to tick-off your bucket list? If yes, then being a travel aficionado, you must have begun preparing for it. A successful trip, especially one like an adventurous tracking trip, revolves around a successful pre-planning wherein you decide on everything according to the limited budget, and on-the-go approach. Although such trips are more of the spontaneous ones, but still, there has to be some kind of planning and plotting related to the things to take and the arrangements to make.

First and foremost is to decide on what you are going to eat and how you are going to take it along as during tracking or camping, outlets that will serve you hot and fresh food are very difficult to find. At this moment, convenience food or ready to eat food for travelling comes really handy. Enumerated below are the few advantages of taking such food packages to your next trip-

• Easy to source- Ready to eat food for trekking is easily available at any nearby supermarket or departmental store. A wide range of options of ready to eat food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are made available by brands like Chokhi Dhani Foods which you can definitely take on your next trip.

• Easy to store- The processing and packaging of these food packets is such that it is very easy to store these for a longer time. Unlike perishable goods, top ready to eat food Mixes have ingredients that makes it easy to store and keep.

• Easy to carry- You can just throw in a few packets of ready to eat food to your travelling bag and take it for camping because these are that easy to carry. No tension of spillage, no worries of space, just a quick fix for managing to eat healthy during camping and travelling.

• Easy to cook- When you especially travel abroad, it becomes difficult to find an Indian restaurant. After a tiring day of exploring the new avenues, all you crave for is a delectable Indian meal. During such times, you can quickly prepare one using simple equipments and the packs of ready to eat food to take abroad.

• Cost-cutter- Some travel destinations are cheaper than the place we live at and some are more expensive. In the later case, it’s better to have a spare stock of some ready to eat food for travelling so that you can actually save a lot of money.

• Blessing in disguise- Sometimes, while travelling, we come across instances wherein we really don’t like the flavours of the place that we are travelling to. To overcome this, ready to eat Pickles are the perfect resort as a bowl of rice or chapattis can be prepared anywhere and pickles works fine with both of these. At least better than starving or eating something that you just don’t like!

• Stay healthy, stay fit- Healthy eating while on a quest to explore new places is a task. If we talk about the longer duration trips, it becomes almost impossible for the body to digest fancy food, junk food, fast food, or anything of that sort, three times a day for such elongated time. To give your body a break, cook a wholesome and fresh meal, just the way you like, without having to worry about shopping the ingredients from an unknown market and also, take an escape from the cumbersome task of preparations while you are on a leisure trip.

Now, let the travel bug bite and take a plunge into the globetrotter avatar, Bon Voyage!