The Chokhi Dhani is a renowned brand in India offering authentic Rajasthani taste and delicacies through its hospitality venture- Chokhi Dhani resort. The brand already holds a good foray in the field of food production and processing through its dedicated fully functional unit producing a wide range of food items. Be it pickles, frozen snacks, spices, chutneys or anything, it has the best of taste blended in its authentic culture. It also has in-house chefs holding expertise in the art of food production. Chokhi Dhani foods can be considered as the next big thing in the food manufacturing industry offering great taste and value to its consumers.

Redefining Pickle Culture- Traditional Essence in Food Production

The pickle culture is an old age tradition of food processing as it can be traced back to civilizations. In order to reinvent richness of heritage, It is always great to bring back the essence of tradition into the food culture- Inspired from rajasthani tradition and delicacies, Chokhi Dhani Foods aims to indulge most popular Rajasthani spices and pickles into its processed food varieties. In Indian tradition, pickle is one of the most popular complements of meals without which your food is incomplete. The brand offers exactly the same home-like processed pickles such as- mango pickle, kair Pckle, mixed pickles, etc. which can complete your meals adding a different taste to your tongue. It can also be eaten as a quick meal with chapatis to get you relieved from instant hunger.

Indian Spices: Adding Flavors to Your Recipe

The different kinds of spices are great for making food delicious. The spices are the most basic ingredients in any food that not only adds taste to it but also offers an aromatic experience that pumps up the excitement towards the food. Indian food is mostly all about the spices delivering the real taste to your tastebuds. The spices are not just limited to seasonings but it really adds a different flavor to the food. The Chokhi Dhani Foods offers a wide range of Indian spices made and processed through the specialized facility without compromising the quality. As a country rich in food culture, Every region of India offers the production of different kinds of spices which are widely used to add different tastes to your recipes.

Ready to Eat Foods: Instant Food For Your Travel

Travel is incomplete without grabbing your favorite food and snacks to eat throughout the journey. The Chokhi Dhani foods has a variety of ready to eat foods which are healthy in nature and can be consumed during traveling as they are quite light in terms of ingredients and preparations. The wide range of instant food includes ready to eat vegetable curries, rice, desserts, etc.

Food Processing in India: Touching Industrial Benchmarks Through Quality

The food production industry offers a great opportunity in the Indian market. Since most of the food industry is majorly driven through agricultural, poultry and manufacturing of spices- It can outgrow the need and utility for the quality processed foods in the market. The Chokhi Dhani Foods ensure all kinds of quality assurance in its process to make sure that the best quality is delivered to the end consumer. It is also giving opportunities to local vendors, manufacturers, and chefs to be a part of the ecosystem for the more value-added concept in the food processing industry. 

  1. Nutritional Balanced Value: The nutritional aspect is quite important in terms of the consumption of quality food. The manufacturing process ensures that the products deliver the right nutritional value. 

  2. Quality Assurance & Safety Control: The Chokhi Dhani Foods is committed to quality by ensuring all kinds of compliances in its manufacturing process involving various crucial steps as per the food safety norms.

  3. State of the Art Food Processing & Storage: Ensuring food quality is as important as ensuring taste to offer the right value to the consumers. The Chokhi Dhani foods take care of the quality manufacturing and storage of processed foods through its dedicated state of the art food processing unit. 

Uplifting Domestic Markets in Food Processing

Indian food production ecosystem is mostly driven by domestic and agricultural markets. The Chokhi Dhani Foods also aim to uplift domestic and unorganized sectors in food manufacturing by involving them in the contribution to manufacture and produce food items such as spices, jams, food ingredients, etc. It also looks towards enriching the traditional and cultural aspects of food production by using traditional methods followed for ages in a particular rural setting in the state like- Rajasthan. This reflects the essence and taste of land in a delightful manner.

Offering Wide Range of Processed Foods

The Chokhi Dhani Food aims to deliver age-old recipes from the traditional and cultural ecosystems to become a part of your kitchen.

It includes a wide variety of processed foods consisting of items like- instant mix, jams, gravies, pickles, spices, sauces, soups, frozen items, etc. The products are also qualified to be stored for a longer period of time.