Even a mere thought of travelling during vacations brings sheer happiness to our life. A vacation getaway is a gateway to contentment, a perfect resort to get over the exertion and monotony of everyday life. Most of us have weeks before a vacation filled with pure excitement. But you must confirm to the fact that if you are a vegetarian planning on a trip to a new, unknown city or for that matter, to any other destination than the ones you are already familiar with, that joyful anticipation of going on a trip might be tinged with a little bit of dread. Why we say this is because food is an important part of every travel and if you are a vegetarian, a lot of planning revolves around what you are going to eat on the trip which is:

  • 1. Purely Vegetarian
  • 2. Hygienic
  • 3. Sourced from Trustworthy places
  • 4. Healthy
  • 5. And most of all, in budget

Especially if you are travelling with friends and family who are hardcore vegetarians, it becomes more daunting to stay vegan.

Well, the good news is, even if you are on a trip, it’s absolutely possible to remain true to your beliefs as well as keep the peace with your non-vegetarian friends and family.

Here are a few tips for you to follow that will come really handy in order to have a great vegan trip, no matter where you go and who you’re with:

1. Choose Lodging with Cooking Facilities

The first thought that might come to your mind after reading this can be “Why should I cook by myself when I am on a vacation for relaxation?”. Well that makes complete sense to us but trust us, we are not suggesting you to you to spend all of your time slaving away to prepare a vegan feast each night.

Infact, in our opinion, one must explore the cuisines indigenous to the place they are travelling to. But under certain circumstances, it becomes almost avoidable for vegetarians to try the food from local markets. You know what we are talking about right?

Even if you don’t have a desire to cook while on vacation, you may probably wish to, so that you can have a wholesome meal during a long vacation. It’s difficult to trust the vendors with multi-cuisine restaurants and in some countries/cities, vegetarian food is expensive and hence, if given an option to cook, should you struggle to find a place to eat out, is a great idea.

Plus, there are plenty of cottages, zostels, rentals, hotels etc. that are both functional and architecturally gorgeous. In other words, you won’t be mad that you chose to stay in a property equipped with a kitchen.

Choose to see the World, Vegan Style with ready to eat food packets for travelling from Chokhi Dhani Foods. The good thing is that we are not even asking you to cook a meal from scratch. Here’s how you can enjoy an easy and quick meal all by yourself:

• Prepare a combo meal with Ready To Eat combo packs. You get a lot of options like Dal Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Dal Baati Churma etc. Also, there are top ready to eat food instant mixes for curries which can be prepared using the simple kitchenware available in the hotel room kitchens.

• Take Pickles along. Pickles add a piquant flavour to the meals and can be paired with many basic and filling things like Rotis or Tortillas, Rice, Nachos, Chips, Bread, Buns etc. So if you can’t find anything else, this can be a quick fix for your hunger pangs. Here’s how you can buy the yummy pickles from Chokhi Dhani Foods.

• Sometimes, what happens is, you find the fresh vegetables of your interest in a foreign market but don’t have access to authentic Indian spices. In that case, you can carry our spices powders, available in travel friendly size variants too. Just add the spices to any dish and enjoy a wholesome meal. We can say that a pack of spices can also be a good option along with ready to eat food to take abroad.

• If you are also exploring options of ready to eat food for breakfast, you can try Indian snack packs of Dhokla, Poha, or even vegetarian cup noodles. Buy the breakfast mixes of Ready To Eat Food online or grab a few packets from any nearby supermarket.

If you are wondering how ready to eat vegetarian food saves me while travelling then you must consider this-

  • 1. Ready to eat food is real quick and easy to use.
  • 2. You can trust what you are eating as the packs are packed with high nutritional value and pure ingredients, information of which is verified and available on the pack too.
  • 3. The packs are so compact and well packaged that you can easily carry these to places. This way, you can carry the ready to eat food for trekking as well.

2. Plan Your Meals

Planning makes the life much easier and simpler and as a vegan, you’re more likely to be well aware of this fact. As you embark on your next vacation, this will be especially true for you.

If you are still looking for the destination and haven’t planned your trip yet, you can consider choosing a destination that is vegan-friendly as well as where you can enjoy too. Almost all the Indian cities are vegan-friendly with some having world’s best vegetarian food and some having satisfactorily good vegetarian food. If we talk about a trip abroad, countries like China, Dubai etc. Have lesser vegan options. For such trips, you can definitely take your own ready to eat food and dry food products along with you on the trip.

If you’ve already picked a destination for the trip, refer to the popular online resources like travel and food blogs and apps to find vegan-friendly eateries there.

2. Make a Compromise

To make a compromise is not at all about suggesting you to give up on your vegan values. Definitely not! But we do recognize how vital compromise will be for you to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

How you can compromise is by choosing a non-vegetarian restaurant that still has a vegan-friendly menu. Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern are some of the cuisines known for being the vegan-friendliest. If not these, to find more choices too, you can also delve into other restaurants' menus.

Also, most countries have a few national dishes that happen to be vegan if you prefer to sample the local cuisine.

3. Learn (a bit of) the Language

Your travelling plans may take you to places around the world where the locals speak an entirely different language and don’t understand English. For situations like this, learn to ask in the local language if your food is vegan.

Other than the word "vegan," learning about the local words for "meat", "fish", "eggs," "milk," etc can also be a good idea. This tip will come really handy especially ifor more spontaneous, on-the-road meals. You’ll want to know how to ask about it more than putting in time to research what you’re eating.

4. Speak with Other Vegans in Your Destination or have been there earlier

Other vegans are of course some of the good source for vegan-centric information. Either contact family or friends who have been there earlier and use their experiences as a suggestion or lesson. Another easy way, which is just a click away, is finding it online. You can get in touch with vegetarians online and go through their experiences and reviews before you even touch down in your final destination, thanks to the wonders of the Internet! Sites like Quora & Facebook are sure to have vegan community members in the place(s) you’ll visit. Find them, post your questions and get the insider info on how to eat well, wherever it is you’re going.

5. Bring Supplies

For that in-between hunger, it’s easy to grab a vegan snack and go if you are in your hometown but if you expect the same ease while travelling, it’s sometimes impossible. The only problem is that the corner store in any other city might not have the nibbles you normally rely on. So, add a few vegan snacks to your bag before you leave. This can be beneficial as a backup just in case you’re unable to find your go-to while on the road.

Additionally, be sure to take a look around or ask your host where the nearest grocery store is as soon as you land and get to your accommodation. From there, you can stock up on your vegan favourites, like veggies, fruit, nuts, etc.

6. If with non-vegetarian co-travellers, introduce them with your eating habits

Sometimes, the people we are travelling with might try to influence the choices. But choosing Non-Veg over Veg just for that reason is not a good idea until unless you yourself don’t feel like it.

For many omnivores, when the word "vegan" comes up, they could only think of plates full of raw vegetables, crates full of spinach, or a rabbit nibbling on grass — which surely is not a representation of your diet or lifestyle.

So, introduce your friends to the cuisine ahead of time, to convince them to try more vegan places with you while you're on the trip. Invite this is important to make them discover and understand that a vegan feast can also be tasty, flavourful and filling.

See the World, Vegan Style

Like we said, there’s no reason to compromise on your dedication to veganism while you’re on the road or no need to give up on your love to travel to places with different food culture. The above few tips prove you can have it all: adventure, good food and a lifetime’s worth of memories without compromising on your beliefs and preferences.