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Ready To Eat Food Online - Dal, Malai Kofta, Ker Sangri, Rice, Paneer Makhani & More

Ready to eat

  1. Rs 162.00
    A quick recipe for buttery delicious Dal Makhni preparation
  2. Rs 210.00
    A Punjabi style chole and rice combo with the ease of RTE packing
  3. Rs 210.00
    A basic yet classic recipe, now made easy to cook with our RTE pack
  4. Rs 210.00
    Now making your favourite meal of Rajma Chawal is quick and easy with our ready to eat pack
  5. Rs 255.00
    Make Rajasthan's most popular dish Daal Baati Churma in an instance now with our ready to eat dal baati churma pack
  6. Rs 152.00
    Punjabi cuisine is incomplete without a bowl of yummy Punjabi Chole, Now easy to make with our RTE pack
  7. Rs 195.00
    The sweetest treat for the sweet tooth craving, the quickest recipe for a bowl of Moong Dal Halwa
  8. Rs 200.00
    Gond or edible gum halwa with the goodness of dry fruits and saccharine flavours
  9. Rs 220.00
    Expert Chef style Badam Halwa, now made easy to make
  10. Rs 160.00
    Hyderabadi style vegetarian biryani for you to enjoy a scrumptious, homemade feast
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