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Ker Sangri Ka Saag - Ready to eat

Ker Sangri Ka Saag

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A truly delicious Rajasthani delicacy, quick and easy recipe of kair sangri
Sangri (16.14%), Onion (16.14%), Tomato 16.14%), Curd (14.52%), Edible Vegetable il (10.49%), Water (8.07%), Salt (3.35%), K air (3.23%), Clarified Butter (1.61%), ashew Nut (1.50%), Red Chilli Powder, oriander Leaves, Cream, Raisins, Mix pices & Condiments, Green Chilli, TurmericP owder, Whole Red Chilli, Bay leaf When it comes to Rajasthani cuisine, Kair Sangri forms an integral part of the platter. For the people who truly relish the tasteful Rajasthani Cuisine, we have this special Ready To Eat Kair Sangri preparation emanating the authentic flavours of Rajasthan. Just blend it well according to the set menu at the back of the pack and enjoy a good serving of Kair Sangri Recipe.

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