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Chokhi Dhani Foods Eggless Mayonnaise (275gm)

1 Enjoy the creamy and delicious taste of Chokhi Dhani Foods Mayonnaise, natural and preservative free real mayonnaise. 2 Freshly made with soya, milk powder, nuts and many other fresh and natural ingredients and main important thing is it’s eggless. 3 Chokhi Dhani Eggless mayonnaise is an ideal condiment for spreading on sandwiches, wrap, burgers or you can serve this with momos, French fries. You can also make fresh dips and various other sauces by adding Chokhi Dhani mayonnaise. 4 Store it in a cool, dry and hygienic place, and keep refrigerated after opening the bottle. 5 Chokhi Dhani Eggless Mayonnaise are made with 100% fresh & natural ingredients. Note:- Please do not use if bottle is not intact.